Captain Carmella Al-Hubari

Lionhearted -- a warhawk -- a patrol boat captain whose position and orders come before any ideas in her mind, or love in her heart



Born on GY-2110 on Stardate 2195.299, beyond the borders of the Federation, Carmella al-Hubari was raised on Terra, in the city of Riyadh.

Carmella’s father, Professor Zakariya al-Hubari, taught Federation law at Sato University in New Berlin, Luna. Her mother, Tahirah al-Hubari, was a laborer, specializing in off-world colony construction.

Carmella’s childhood was unsurprising for her origin and upbringing: she spent all of her free time studying, and reading whatever books she could get her hands on. Carmella became more outspoken, however, and found herself spending more and more of her time in detention or in meetings with her educators following the unexplained disappearance of her father in 2208.

In 2211, at the age of 16, Carmella’s impressive aptitude and placement tests more than made up for her spotty discipline record and her application to Starfleet Academy was accepted. She enrolled, commuting daily from her home in Riyadh until her 18th birthday.

Graduation & First Tour (2215)
In 2215, Carmella al-Hubari graduated the Academy with a Command commission at the rank of Ensign. Despite distinguishing herself with an exemplary record during her attendance, Ensign al-Hubari’s application to serve aboard an Okinawa-class cruiser – the pride of the fleet at the time – was denied. Instead, Ensign al-Hubari served as shuttle pilot attached to a long-term archaeological investigation of the moon P’jem and evidence of inhabitants prior to Vulcan or Andorian territorial claims – during which, she saved the lives of several scientists from an unexpected quake and cave-in.

Transfer & Second Tour (2219)
In 2219, Lieutenant JG al-Hubari’s transfer was accepted and she served with distinction aboard the Okinawa-class cruiser USS Fuji. During this tour, the Fuji responded to a distress call when the Yorktown-class USS Jerusalem came under attack by Efrosian dissidents. She displayed great bravery when, after securing the safety of several Jerusalem hostages, she performed another shuttleflight to secure the safety of others despite grave atmospheric disturbances.

Chief Helm Officer & Third Tour/Fourth Tour (2223, 2228)
Beginning in 2223, Lieutenant al-Hubari served dutifully as Chief Helm Officer aboard the Fuji. During her patrols in this period of time, the Fuji witnessed the full life-cycle of a planet’s creation, development, decay, and collapse within the folds of an inter-spatial chronoton envelope. Holding the ship steady at one million kilometers, al-Hubari assured clear readings of the incredible temporal phenomenon.

Klingon Aggression & Fifth Tour (2233)
In 2233, three-hundred lives were lost when the USS Kelvin was destroyed in an attack by the Romulan Nero and the Narada. Concerned the Klingons would turn this chance into an advantage, the Fuji was ordered to reinforce patrols of the Klingon border. There, they responded to a listening post’s distress call and engaged a Klingon D5 under the command of junior Klingon officer Kor. Lt. al-Hubari – now on her fourth tour – accompanied Captain Akpan and a security detail to the listening post to secure it, and met Klingon resistance. When he was critically wounded, and captured, by the enemy, Lt. al-Hubari orchestrated the plan that rescued him with no loss of life.

The USS Manhattan
In 2238, Lt. Commander al-Hubari transferred with a recommendation from Cpt. Akpan to serve as first officer aboard the USS Manhattan under Cpt. Gray.

Diplomacy and Deception, & Sixth Tour (2238)
In 2240, on assignment to escort a diplomatic procession, al-Hubari uncovered evidence of a Romulan spy operating aboard the diplomat’s vessel! While the spy evaded capture – suicide, committed by disabling a transporter pad’s pattern buffer before initializing the matter stream — al-Hubari’s discovery impressed Cpt. Gray, and created a true friend out of the Federation diplomat in the process.

Klingon Occupation & Seventh Tour (2243)
In 2245, while on her seventh tour, the Manhattan was in orbit over the Federation deep-space colony Neo Tokyo and her crew on shore leave below when three Klingon vessels, including the IKS K’mpec, a D6 cruiser captained by Jalaal, dropped out of warp and began an orbital bombardment. Claiming the planet was sovereign Klingon soil, the Klingons forced the Manhattan to abandon the system while its crew and the colonists remained behind. Lt. Commander al-Hubari took charge of the colonists and the crew and sued for proper treatment as prisoners of the Empire, despite the Manhattan’s Chief Engineer constant risky attempts at insurgency. When the Manhatten returned, al-Hubari had situated herself close enough to Jalaal that he was caught off guard when she drew her phaser — ending the conflict.

In 2246, following the death of Jalaal, Commander al-Hubari was given orders to transfer her off of the Klingon/Federation border. While not strictly a punishment for her actions – as they saved over 800 lives — it was considered in Starfleet’s interests to keep such a promising warhawk out of harm’s way for the time being. While in transit to her new posting, the vessel carrying her — the Bonaventure-class USS Grace — was hijacked! The perpetrator was Worf Son of Jalaal, intent on exacting revenge for his father’s death. If it weren’t for the Commander’s creativity in jury-rigging a subspace control interface, she would not have been able to remotely activate the Klingon vessel’s transporters nor shut down its main computer and leave it drifting while the Grace escaped.

Command Authority & Eighth Tour (2248)
In 2250, after four years serving aboard the Tereshkova-class cruiser USS Chawla, Carmella al-Hubari relieved Captain Korovin of command following his promotion to Commodore, and received her orders to continue the vessel’s assignment and patrol the trade lanes between Federation systems – as Captain al-Hubari.

USS Chawla & Ninth Tour (2253)
In the final days of 2254, the Captain al-Hubari discovered doctored shipping manifests in the official records of Starbase G2 concerning the contents of an unlicensed Terran trader bound for the Federation frontier. A deeper investigation by the Chawla crew revealed the roots of a terrorist organization, to whom the Terran trader supplied weapons, intent on deposing the colonial government of Burroughs III. The trader was apprehended, the plot dismantled, and Captain al-Hubari forged a kinship with the commander of Starbase G2 – Commodore Roshenko.

Narada & 10th Tour (2258)
In 2258, immediately following the Narada’s attack on Vulcan and its capture of Captain Pike, Captain al-Hubari’s orders were to chart a most likely course from Vulcan to Earth that the Narada would follow, and intercept. Captain al-Hubari’s crew did just that, and the USS Chawla was obliterated in the conflict. Only 42 members of the 300 soul crew survived to later be retrieved from the Chawla’s lifeboats.

Following medical leave in Riyadh with her mother, and a thorough review that found her actions and orders were not at fault, Captain Carmella al-Hubari returned to duty. With so many vessels destroyed at Vulcan and in skirmishes with the Narada, the Federation fleet has been gravely depleted — older vessels, sturdy but showing their age — have been given new life: repaired, retrofitted, assigned crew and deployed to the front of the lines.

In 2260, Captain al-Hubari now commands the Saladin-class destroyer USS Ulysses.

Captain Carmella Al-Hubari

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