Commander Idowu Damilola Okoye

Double-talking, Big Picture Guy, One Hand on the Escape Hatch, the Other Pulling the Strings. Wants a better Federation... Has laid down with the devil to make sure this future is born.


Born Stardate 2220.93 on the colony at Deneva, Idowu Damilola Okoye was raised and educated in the city of New Mombasa.

Idowu’s mother, Obiome Minika Okoye, was the owner/operator of a successful trading company that brought medical supplies to Deneva. His father, Nkanta Chiwetei Soyinka, was a professor of stellar sciences at the New Mombasa Public Service Academy.

Idowu’s childhood was spent immersed in the study of his father’s astronomy and astrophysics texts, examining the great strategists and masterminds of ancient human history at length — and spending too much time in detention for his tendency to pick fights. Okoye’s childhood came to a premature end with the death of his mother in 2234 – his father quit his job teaching to take over the family business, and Okoye began to split his time between classes and continuing his mother’s work.

In 2238, Okoye was accepted into the four-year Security track at Starfleet Academy. Leaving the remote colony of Deneva behind, Okoye moved to San Francisco, Earth. While attending the Academy, Okoye’s above-average scores in his tactical, survival, and infiltration courses – combined with his choice of diplomatic and xenocultural electives – drew the attention of a Section 31 controller. Put through his paces in a test that set him against the very staff of the Academy, Okoye proved himself.

Graduation & First Tour (2242)
In 2242, Idowu Damilola Okoye graduated Starfleet Academy with a Security commission and the rank of Lieutenant – provided by his heretofore unknown patron within Section 31. During this time, Lt. Okoye served aboard the Viceroy-class fighter USS Imperator during an extended tour into unmapped core systems in Sector 001’s proximity. With orders to investigate evidence of cuja in-fighting and potential collapse within the Orion Syndicate, the Imperator arrived in the Tau-Geminorum system looking for signs of Orion piracy. They were disappointed with the discovery of minor bootlegging activity — and shocked at the discovery of the Taugemini of TG19 — a hive-minded species of extremophiles that exhibit proximity-activated exponential-sapience — and the Orion efforts to kidnap and enslave the species. The Imperator’s Captain was prepared to move on and continue their mission — but Okoye wasn’t ready to abandon this young culture to the Orions’ violence. Lt. Okoye submitted a plan that, to this day, he regrets. For the time being, the Taugemini were safe, the Orions were stymied, and — most importantly to his Section 31 superiors — the Tau-Geminorum system (and the road to Earth, Andor, Tellar, and Vulcan alike) was now a lot less hospitable.

Space-Time & Second Tour (2246)


Commander Idowu Damilola Okoye

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