Heart of Ice, Scene I

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INT. Fade into TRANSPORTER ROOM 1, with Chief AKLAQ at the console. MARTINEZ, armed redshirts, and T’LAINA — all are wearing Extreme Environment Suits.
URGENTLY performing final weapons and equipment checks. Dramatic chords.

MARTINEZ: Keep phasers on stun — we don’t know what we’re getting into. As soon as we’re on the ground, supplement your suit with the personal field belts. (crossing to the wall comm:) Captain, we’re ready but… (cautiously) I have to ask: is Fang sure about this plan?

INT. Cut to the BRIDGE, yellow alert in full effect — lights dimmed, yellow glow backlights consoles around the bridge. BISLAN stands beside FANG at her station as she checks readouts.

FANG: (matter of fact) Captain, between the debris belt’s magnetic field and the ionization in the planet’s atmosphere, we can’t get a transporter lock on our teams while their beacons are down. They’re not answering our hails — we’re blind up here.
BISLAN: The Lt Cmdr is right, Martinez; this is the only way.

BISLAN takes his seat, signalling JACKSON at the helm

BISLAN: (flatly) Begin descent.

EXT. The NIGHTINGALE turns end over end, exiting the shadow of its asteroid cover. It commits to a DEADLY surface landing through 700kph frozen winds and volcanic storms, all with ZERO VISIBILITY.

INT. BRIDGE. The viewscreen is CLOUDED with ash. The crewmembers are VIOLENTLY shaken.

LOUD, VIOLENT RUMBLING. MAGS struggles to hold onto her controls, vibrating in her seat. BISLAN is thrown from side to side in his chair. FANG leans over her console, shaking, nearly going through her screens. CU of her face as she clearly comes to a decision on something. Follow as she lurches to the turbolift and exits the bridge, UNNOTICED. Rumbling subsides.

BISLAN: (on comms:) We’re through the worst of it now, Commander! Transport down and secure the site, the medical team will follow after you give the signal.
MARTINEZ: (on comms:) Yessir! (to AKLAQ) Chief.
AKLAQ: Aye, sir. I’ll try to put you out of the wind’s reach, Commander.
MARTINEZ: Energize.

EXT. Gabe Martinez and his team transport down, appearing in a blue-white-black field of SNOW, ICE, and ASH. A thousand-meter Mesa stretches up behind them, casting a long and fat SHADOW over the area, splitting the ROARING WINDS around the landing party. Across the frozen plane, a pre-fab science hut — and a dozen ARMORED RAIDERS rounding up scientists, and a DERELICT shuttle with STARFLEET officers being marched aboard!

Shouting orders and scrambling as green disruptor blasts scatter the landing team!

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Heart of Ice, Scene I

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