Heart of Ice, Scene II

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INT. TRANSPORTER ROOM 1, T’LAINA waits for the signal from MARTINEZ. Her very un-Vulcan ANXIETY obviously growing.

GIVING UP, T’LAINA picks up her first aid kit and steps onto the transporter platform

T’LAINA: (rationalizing) Our people are clearly in danger, Chief. You must beam me—

The doors open, and:
Cut to FANG as she STORMS in, suited up, and joins T’LAINA on the platform.

FANG: (to AKLAQ, impatiently) —us. You’ll beam us down.

AKLAQ looks from FANG to T’LAINA with confusion.


T’LAINA: As the Chief Medical Officer, it is only logical for me to join the away team at this time. I do not understand why you are beaming down, Commander.
FANG: This is my project, T’Laina, these are my scientists. Lt King is down there.
T’LAINA: When you put it that way… (to AKLAQ) Energize.

One badass shimmering effect later.

EXT. The SHADOWED surface of TAU GEMINORUM 19, per the end of Scene I. ICE, SNOW, and ASH stretch in all directions. A science lab in the background, beyond MARTINEZ’ away team — who are pinned down by GREEN disruptor fire.

T’LAINA and FANG materialize behind the away team’s FIRING LINE, suddenly. MARTINEZ sees them; is AGHAST..

MARTINEZ: (crossing to them, IRATE) What are you doing—!? The site is not secure— You’re going to get yourselves killed!
T’LAINA: (ignoring him) There are wounded, Commander — my responsibility is to them.

T’LAINA and FANG sprint in the direction of the raiders. As they cross the firing line, MARTINEZ waves his REDSHIRTS forward, and we see disruptor fire and WHITE phaser fire intersecting. T’Laina makes a beeline for fallen crewmen, while Fang…

EXT. Prefabricated science hut; like a far-future ceramic IGLOO bought at an APPLE STORE. Like Skywalker’s MOISTURE FARM went through a car wash.

…reaches the door of the science hut, finds the access panel has been breached, and ducks inside.

INT. Prefab science hut — like someone dumped out a SILICON VALLEY GARAGE SALE inside an APPLE STORE; it has been tossed and torn apart. Two RAIDERS menace a STARFLEET officer who has armed herself with a HYDROSPANNER — this is Lieutenant KING. Nearby, another raider is disabling the hut’s communications system.

FANG stands in the shade of the entry way and removes her helmet; CONCERN covers her face when she sees Lt. KING.

EXT. A FEROCIOUS exchange of violence on the ICE, ASH, and SNOW. Med Shot of STARFLEET OFFICERS being lead two by two aboard a MYSTERIOUS VESSEL that has landed near the camp. Wide Shot of REDSHIRTS firing on RAIDERS, STUNNING some before being drive into cover by DISRUPTOR blasts. No one gains any ground.

T’LAINA KNEELS in the middle of the field of battle, over the body of a CREWMAN. She has her EQUIPMENT out and is treating disruptor BURNS.

EXT. Looking down at T’LAINA: we see the imposing figure of a RAIDER standing over her. In its PATCHWORK ARMOR, it cuts a MENACING SILHOUETTE.

T’LAINA looks up at the RAIDER as it levels a DISRUPTOR rifle at her and her already-wounded patient. T’LAINA, FURIOUS, attacks the raider…


…and is SOUNDLY knocked to the ground. The RIFLE is pointed in her face, when…

WHITE phaser fire fills the screen. Cut to: MARTINEZ CHARGING the RAIDER! The bolts glance SPECTACULARLY off the raider’s ARMOR, and it backs off from T’LAINA. We see Martinez reach our Vulcan medical officer, standing over her, and WARDING off all challengers.

INT. Science Hut.

FANG draws her PHASER and fires on the POWER CELLS of the comms system! A SHOWER OF SPARKS EXPLODE in the face of the RAIDER saboteur! He is FLOORED and BLIND.

The other RAIDERS turn on FANG, and KING is a mix of EXCITMENT and WORRY.

FANG: (phaser drawn) What do you want? (regarding the tossed laboratory) Our equipment—? The research—?

The RAIDERS are SILENT. Menacing chord. Then — a BEEPing, and a blinking LIGHT on their collars. A green SHIMMER as the THREE raiders suddenly dematerialize in an alien TRANSPORTER beam.

EXT. Plane of ICE, ASH, SNOW, and SHADOW. WHITE phaser fire FUCKING EVERYWHERE. REDSHIRTS blast RAIDERS and liberate NIGHTINGALE OFFICERS. The two-by-two lines being lead onto the ALIEN SHUTTLE has been SCATTERED by MARTINEZ’S team.

Green SHIMMERS engulf the fallen and standing RAIDERS alike.

The ALIEN SHUTTLE’S doors SNAP SHUT as it LEVITATES off the ground, vibrating SHRILLY.

The LAST RAIDER has MARTINEZ in its sights; DEMATERIALIZES just as the Commander realizes he would have DIED.

The ALIEN SHUTTLE rockets away across the surface, VANISHING into whirling ASH STORM.

EXT. Science Camp. BLACK SMOKE rises over SCORCHED equipment. Wounded REDSHIRTS collect themselves.

Somber chord.

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Heart of Ice, Scene II

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