Heart of Ice, Scene III

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EXT. The NIGHTINGALE, half-SHIELDED from the HOWLING ASH AND WIND inside a FROZEN BASIN. Atmospheric STORMS cloud the screen.

INT. The Captain’s READY ROOM. The storms RAGE outside the room’s windows. MARTINEZ and T’LAINA, mid-conversation.

MARTINEZ: (fed up) You had direct orders, T’Laina! The beam-in site was not safe; you should have waited for my signal, and you have the injuries to prove it!
T’LAINA: (aggresively) I could not remain on the ship while the crew was in danger, Commander. (beat). (petty) That would have been illogical.

BISLAN enters. Begins to give T’LAINA a thorough dressing down, echoing MARTINEZ’S sentiments. T’Laina’s patience obviously reaches its limits: suddenly, she is screaming down her superiors, telling them she doesn’t need their orders if they’re going to interfere with her job — and cost lives.

BISLAN: (sharp and quiet) We’ve got a chain of command around here, Doctor and you’ll have plenty of time to think about the logic of that. You’re confined to your quarters until further notice — Dismissed.

T’LAINA hesitates — emotions boiling over. Then, EXITS


MARTINEZ: Captain… Peizhi hasn’t reported back yet; she’s checking on the other science stations — there’s a chance Delta Station wasn’t the raiders’ only target. I’ve tried to contact her, but there’s a lot of atmospheric interference. It looks like the stations’ comm beacons have been shut down, as well… or worse.
BISLAN: Then we’re left waiting to see if she reactivates the beacons, then. Keep trying to raise her. …What else?

MARTINEZ has been holding a METAL PATCH in his hand this entire time, and places it on the table in front of BISLAN. It is inscribed with an ALIEN SYMBOL.

MARTINEZ: I pulled this off the suit of one of the raiders at Delta Station. Ensign Nihoholi is checking the computer’s iconographic/linguistic index, now. We’ll know what this means within the hour…
BISLAN: (staring!) —! (beat.) There’s no need, Commander. Cancel that search.
MARTINEZ: Captain? You know what this is?
BISLAN: I do, Gabe.


BISLAN: It is the mark of my clan.

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Heart of Ice, Scene III

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