Heart of Ice, Scene IV

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EXT. An ashen ice-slick VALLEY with no signs of life to speak of. A lone FIGURE in extreme environment armor walks among rows of RANSACKED Federation supply crates and CANNIBALIZED scientific equipment. SCIENCE STATION IOTA, unlike Delta, is a WRECK.

The figure enters the station, haunting music.

INT. SCIENCE STATION IOTA has been turned inside out, equipment GUTTED and DESTROYED

The FIGURE removes its helmet, and its personal FORCEFIELD hum to life. It is PEIZHI FANG. She examines the RUINS of the XENOBIOLOGY CONSOLE – the BIOMATERIALS are conspicuously ABSENT! Something CRASHED behind a console, and Fang draws her PHASER just as an intimidating SHADOW reveals itself!

FANG: (surprised) Okoye?!
OKOYE: (equally as surprised) Lt. Commander—! (recovering) What are you doing here?
FANG: (puzzled) …Commander? I was at Delta Station but couldn’t raise Iota Team on site-to-site comms. (approaches the gutted and stripped comm system) Now I see why…

FANG begins REPAIRING the communication panel, JURY-RIGGING, DIVERTING POWER, and collecting what TOOLS she can from the hut’s WRECKAGE.

FANG: (working) Why are you here?

OKOYE is sifting through the contents of the GUTTED CONSOLES and LAB STATIONS.

OKOYE: (hesitantly working) When Mr. Nihoholi reported Delta Station was under attack, I suspected worse – that it was one part of a simultaneous attack on our sites, and that may have been the only station whose warning reached us. While your team beamed down to Delta Station, I beamed down to Gamma Station. They were fine; no sign of attack. (beat.) I started checking in with the others on site-to-site comms, and this was the only station with no answer—
FANG: (answering an unasked ‘why’) It looks like the raiders took everything halfway valuable… scanners, weapons… They tore apart the comms system — beacon and site-to-site both.

The comms CONSOLE flickers with weak BLUE light. It HUMS sheepishly, LIMPING along.

FANG: I’ve had to route power through a dozen sub-junctions, just to get this thing running. (curiosity) —?

In the REFLECTION of the comm screen, FANG watches OKOYE rummage through science PADDs. We see SCREENS filled with COLORFUL TEXT and IMAGES go BLACK — their contents surreptitiously ERASED by Okoye as he goes. Dramatic Chord. She inquires subtly if he’s found anything…

OKOYE: (casually) Nothing interesting. (opening the transporter beacon controls) Actually… Maybe I have. The raiders didn’t touch any of the research materials, but they did take Jetara’s modified transport buffer. I wonder why (interrupted)

OKOYE and FANG direct their attention to the communications CONSOLE as it CHIRPS. Fang works the CONTROLS.

FANG: Incoming transmission… its a distress call… weak. They’re using a Starfleet encryption! …Commander, it’s Iota Team. They’ve sought shelter in a tunnel system… but the raiders know where they are.

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Heart of Ice, Scene IV

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