Heart of Ice, Scene V

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INT. NIGHTINAGLE – T’LAINA’S QUARTERS. Dim, orderly, but personalized. Family portraits hang on the walls

T’LAINA is SEATED with a book but is DISTRACTED — the book is IGNORED. The door CHIMES.


T’LAINA: Enter.

The door SWOOSHES open, revealing Nurse JEREMY WADE. T’LAINA rises to greet him.

Jeremy— || I heard that you—

(a warm pause)

WADE: I wanted to check on you… see how you were doing, since— (interrupted)
T’LAINA: (with a restrained edge) I am fine. Thank you for your concern. (awkward beat) How are things in sick bay proceeding without me?
WADE: (delighted to change the subject) We’ve seen to a few minor injuries among the surface teams; nothing I — we — can’t handle…

(another beat, pregnant with Vulcan patience and human embarrassment)

T’LAINA: If that is all— (interrupted)
WADE: (pained) T’Laina, look, I’m sorry about all of this. I’ll talk to the captain and make it right.
T’LAINA: (growing irritated) Nurse Wade, I fail to see how you are responsible for my disobedience on the away mission, nor for my earlier outburst. Now, if you’ll excuse me… (returning to her seat)
WADE: You’re right, those weren’t me… (inhales) …but when you went down to the surface, the Captain called for the medical team over the comms. You were already gone, so I told him… that you said… that you had been ordered down already.
T’LAINA: Jeremy… you lied to the captain? (raising her voice) You lied to the captain and told him I lied too?
WADE: It seemed like— (interrupted)
T’LAINA: (spitting venom) Nurse Wade, what was the purpose behind telling the captain that I employed deceit to join the away team? Why did you lead the captain to believe that I was compromised — (interrupted)
WADE: (silencing her) You are compromised, T’Laina! You think we don’t see it in sickbay, but we do. I’ve seen your mood swings… I cleaned up your office after Iota-Daedalus, T’Laina. With all due respect, you are an incredible Healer, but you’re also erratic.

(calm beat) WADE crosses to the door, followed by T’LAINA — concerned that he is leaving her.

WADE: (turning back to her) You left the ship once already, under the influence of the photonic computer. The captain was looking for you then too. Combine that with your mood swings, the destructive behavior in your office… I didn’t think the captain needed anymore mental imagery of his chief medical officer flying off the handle. (sighing, hearing how this sounds out-loud)
T’LAINA: (finishing his train of thought) You thought one count of insubordination looked more favorable than yet another sign of… (struggling to spit out the word) emotional … instability.
WADE: … I’m sorry, T’Laina.

T’LAINA motions for WADE to leave. RELUCTANTLY, he steps into the hall.

T’LAINA: (calling after him) Jeremy…

WADE turns back to her

T’LAINA: (soft and sincere) …thank you. (more sternly) No more lying.

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Heart of Ice, Scene V

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