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STAR TREK: Fate of the Federation

These are the voyages of the starship Nightingale and her crew. Their mission: to protect the helpless… to console the hopeless… to leverage the breadth and depth of Starfleet’s military innovations, and transform weapons of war into symbols for peace; to do good, and to recapture the Federation’s most inviolable, founding truths.

CPT Trolzosaw Bislan
CMDR Gabriel T. Martinez
LT CMDR Peizhi Fang

EN Sivren Ni-Ho-Holi
LT Margaret Jackson
LT Dumisani Wagner
CMDR Idowu Okoye

LT CMDR Jetara

Ship’s Database

Series Guide
Look here for what exactly our Series is about in a plain sense, overarching stories, and how that translates to Fate Core/Fate Accelerated.

Episode Guide
Look here for a list of, and guide to, the crew’s past adventures (and Episodes to come)!

Alien Life
A catalog of life (sapient and non-sapient alike) come across in the crew’s travels throughout Federation space and beyond.

Anomalies Encountered
There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy — and many of the weirder things can be found here.

Cast of Characters
The crew, their relatives, their supporting cast, the antagonists, and everyone relevant enough to have gotten a name.

History & Events
A brief (as brief as possible) run down of the history of the quantum universe in which our series, and the newest movies, takes place.

Science vessels, dreadnoughts, workhorses, hospital boats, garbage scows — if it has a name and sailed between the heavenly spheres in our series, you’ll find it listed here.

Strange New Worlds
Recorded here is a great deal of information about the Nightingale’s travels and her crew’s homeworlds.

The Unwritten Future
The Beta Universe is not just an alternate timeline — it is a quantum universe, full of many small distinctions between itself and what we consider the Prime Universe.

Main Page

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