“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light…”

Sarah Williams, ‘the Old Astronomer’

It has been two short years since Narada and her captain, Nero, were drawn inexorably into a massive quantum singularity — bombarded with heavy weapons fire under the orders of James T. Kirk to ensure they could do no harm to whatever reality in which they next materialized…

…and it has been only one year since Admiral Marcus’ and Khan Noonien Singh’s bloody campaign of terror came to its end, thanks in no meager part to the heroic actions of Enterprise officers Spock and Nyota Uhura..


Now, it is Stardate 2260 and Vulcan has been destroyed; its people an endangered species, scattered across the stars. Starfleet’s admiralty has been gutted — promising new blood and weathered veterans all cut down alike. Section 31 has been violently exposed, their nature and their agenda broadcast to all the Federation and her enemies. The Quadrant is in an uproar over the existence of the Vengeance warship. San Francisco remains in ruins, and wreckage in London is still being cleared away. The Klingon Empire howls for war with the United Planets, their warriors mysteriously killed at the same time they detect a Federation vessel violating their space.

Vulcan extremists lash out at Romulus. New Vulcan violates the boundaries of Gorn space. The Imperial Navy stirs up anti-Federation sentiment on every world it visits. The Romulans now control Narada technology… and the Red Matter.

The last 27 years have been a long, dark road for Earth, and for Starfleet. Fear of the unknown, of the Narada, made her turn away from peaceful exploration, pull her hand back from diplomacy — from empathy. Anger at the Other — at Nero, at the Romulans, at the Kelvin’s losses — has turned her open hand into a fist, wrapped around the grip of a phaser, pointed at the rest of the Quadrant.

Fear has guided the whole Federation in a direction from which recovery is impossible, so long as nothing changes. Some voices — civilian, military, Starfleet, of all species — see these events as evidence that more extreme measures absolutely must be taken. Others, a powerful majority, see the slope down which they have begun to slide and realize they must be the future in which they want to live.

It is time again to act with conviction; to offer kindness and dignity, freely. It is time to celebrate infinite diversity — in infinite combinations — and to have the bravery to face the galaxy naked, and admit the mistakes made along the way.

It is a battle for the very heart of Starfleet ideals; a battle for The Fate of the Federation.

“…I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

Sarah Williams, ‘the Old Astronomer’


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Any art you see is likely the work of the incredibly talented Masao Okazaki. His work inspired the ship that has carried our crew into adventure, and the rest of is work influences my vision of the Star Trek setting deeply.

Star Trek: Fate of the Federation

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