Star Trek: Fate of the Federation

Episode 2: HEART OF ICE

by Alfred, Clendenin, Durand

Fang’s mission to save a dying planet is threatened when Orion slavers discover the Nightingale crew. Bislan is forced to choose where his loyalties lie: his clan, his crew, or the ideals of Starfleet.

Heart of Ice, synopsis


EXT. A cold blue planet hangs in diamond-studded space, ringed by a tight band of colossal debris, fills most of the frame.
A shining white starship orbits the planet just outside the reach of the asteroid field; the NIGHTINGALE drifts across the screen. Fanfare. V.O. begins.

Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 22-60-7-9.
Our hard work on Tau Geminorum-19 has finally begun to pay off. LT King reports discovery of a sixth site suitable for extraction of lifeforms for transport. Once we’ve brought all six samples aboard, our mission will be nearly complete. We will return to the planet Aaro, where I, T’Laina, and Dr. Matteo Toral will collaborate to finalize modifications to the single-cell lifeforms that are being transplanted.

INT. Cut to the BRIDGE. BISLAN sits in the chair, handing off reports to a Yeoman. MARTINEZ works on his console, diligently.
Follow FANG from the turbolift to her station, transferring notes from a padd to the computer

It can’t be over too soon. It’s been five days since the Sprite-314 meteorite made oceanfall on Aaro, and the peoples’ patience has reached its limit. Tsunamis, storms, and quakes ravage their civilization in the aftermath of the collision, and the chemicals of the Sacul Rift pour into the ocean, poisoning the water supply. These lifeforms in our care, remarkably similar to those extinguished by the Sprite-314 collision, are the best hope for Aaro’s future.

FANG: Science Stations Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Iota have all reported in, Captain. They’re ready to begin biomaterial transport.
BISLAN: Excellent. Power up transporter beacons, and stand by to begin transport. Commander—

Comms Officer Sivren Ni-ho-holi interrupts, SURPRISED, reporting that passive sensors detect unknown vessels entering the asteroid field!

MARTINEZ: Yellow Alert! (Crossing to Nihoholi) Switch to active sensors, identify those ships. Disguise the sweep with the belt’s interference, if you can.
NIHOHOLI: If those vessels are Orion, I don’t think they’ll be fooled, sir…
BISLAN: (with AUTHORITY) Lt Jackson, take us deeper into the belt on maneuvering thrusters — Nihoholi, tell the science camps to shut down communications until they hear from us again! They can’t afford to draw any Orion attention — Aaro doesn’t have that kind of time.

EXT. Focus on the terminator of a particularly large asteroid, as the NIGHTINGALE glides across into into the shadow.
Lt Margaret ‘Mags’ Jackson brings the USS Nightingale into position, MAJESTICALLY. Fanfare.


NIHOHOLI: Captain…! The surface teams…! I can’t… — Station Delta is under attack, sir!


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