Episode Guide

Season One

1×01 The Eye That Maketh Thee Sin
Following Section 31’s treasonous bid for war with the Klingons, a Piotr Velikiy-class warship is repurposed for crisis intervention. Her first mission? Rescue two Klingon cruisers that have crossed illegally into Federation space.

1×02 Heart of Ice
Fang’s mission to save a dying planet is threatened when Orion slavers discover the Nightingale crew. Bislan is forced to choose where his loyalties lie: his clan, his crew, or the ideals of Starfleet.

1×03 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nightingale
The unsung story of six junior officers and crewmen left behind. When Jetara is wounded, the crews’ mettle is tested in the societal collapse following an ecological catastrophe.

1×04 Offending Shadows
T’Laina’s emotions seem to finally be under control, but her peace is shattered when she is called on to use her familiarity with Vulcan physiology — to save the life of a Vendetta Conspirator.

1×05 Contempt of Court
Bislan returns to Starbase G7 to face Commodore Roshenko and answer for his insubordination at TG19. Martinez takes command of the Nightingale to answer a Federation distress call… and discovers the unthinkable!

1×06 Seed of Destruction, part I
The away team finds themselves thrust backwards in time, trapped in an irradiated wasteland. Out of contact with the Nightingale and supplies running low — their time is running out.

1×07 Seed of Destruction, part II
Caught in the midst of the bloody conclusion to the Eugenics War, the crew is divided: Bislan is prisoner to eugenics experiments, Fang is questioned by the Augmented inquisitor, while T’Laina and Martinez must work with the human resistance.

1×08 Unyielding Flesh
The Nightingale intercepts a Starfleet distress beacon originating within a Klingon battle cruiser. When they investigate, they discover they are dealing with none other than the infamous privateer and Federation outlaw — Achilles Qiang.

1×09 The Line of Duty
Martinez’s reunion with his brother is short-lived when their shuttle is shot down over the moon of Nivord. While waiting for rescue, they are trapped on the front line of the deadly Klingon crusades.

1×10 Basilisk, part I
When the Stellar Array along the Klingon border goes silent, Starfleet expects a simple meteor collision… but must prepare itself for war.

Season Two

2×01 Basilisk, part II

2×02 Few and Pon Farr Between

2x— Starfall

2x— All the Difference

1×08 Mirror on the Wall
The advanced technology of an extinct civilization is found to still be online when a connection between quantum universes is exploited from the other side. The stability of entire Quadrant is threatened.

Episode Guide

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