USS Nightingale

Pyotr Velikiy-class Specifications*


Registration: NCC-1671
Designation: USS Nightingale (formerly, USS Shrelev II)
Role: Crisis response; mobile hospital
Standard displacement: 296,000 mt

Overall Length: 250.29m||1° Hull: 152.16||2° Hull: 88.44||Nacelles: 155.50
Overall Beam: 169.08m||1° Hull: 122.99||2° Hull: 34.73||Nacelles: 17.58
Overall Draft: 36.54m||1° Hull: 35.65||2° Hull: 23.83||Nacelles:17.38

Crew complement: 500||Officers: 80||Crew: 420
Weapons: 12 Type VI phaser emitters (2 × 6 mounts)||2 torpedo tubes (sensor probes x 54)
Embarked craft: 6 micro personnel shuttlepods, 2 mini personnel shuttlecraft, 8 transatmospheric sublight shuttles^
Transporters: 4 standard personnel transporters
Warp drive: SSWR-XIII-B spherical cavity M/AM reactor and 16 × IRC-4B spherical fusion reactors with 2 Sabre nacelles
Velocity: wf 5.9, cruise; wf 8.2, supercruise; wf 8.5, maximum

Subspace efficiency: 230%, without external cargo pods
Propulsion efficiency: 2,730%
Amount of deuterium: 12,600 M3, 2,478 MT
LY range: 114.3 LY, without external cargo pods
Months of deuterium: 6.7 months, without external cargo pods
AM bottles: 25||19 for warp reactor||6 for probes
Escape pods: 58
Container cargo: 1,601
Bulk/bin cargo: 4,500 M3 bin
Months of container/bin cargo: 122.6 months

Units commissioned: 20

*Original configuration, + cargo pods
^Stowed 4 per cargo pod

Personnel Files

Senior Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CPT. Trolzosaw Bislan
  • Chief of Security/Tactical Officer: CMDR. Gabriel T. Martinez
  • Chief of Engineering: Lt. CMDR. Jetara
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. CMDR. Fang Peizhi
  • Chief Medical Officer: Healer T’Laina
  • Chief Helm Officer: LT. Margaret Jackson
  • Chief Navigator: LT. Dumisani Ezra Wagner
  • Chief Communications Officer: EN. Sivren Ni-ho-holi

Command Staff

  • CMDR. Idowu Damilola Okoye (Section 31 attache)
  • LT. Ekua H. Olofsson (helm officer, gamma shift)
  • Lt. JG Eliana D. Magalhães (helm officer, alpha relief)
  • Lt. JG Trudi P. O’Kane (navigation officer, gamma shift)

Science Staff

  • LT. Rosetta King (science officer, alpha relief)
  • Lt. JG Hokulani Z. Meiser (science officer, gamma shift)
  • EN. David Quinn (deflector technician) [sick leave]

Medical Staff

  • Crewman Jeremy Wade (nurse)

Operations Staff

  • Lt. CMDR Michal Cole (security chief, beta shift)
  • LT. Alexandr van Houten (comms officer, alpha relief)
  • LT. Jean-Jacques Lafayette (security officer)
  • Lt. JG. Kurosawa Hanako (weapons officer) [sick leave]
  • EN. Lacy Abrams (security officer) [sick leave]
  • EN. Naomi Hunter (comms officer)
  • EN. John Savage (security officer)
  • EN. Padmayatu L. Sommer (comms officer, gamma shift)
  • Chief Petty Officer Aklaq Reyes (transporter chief)
  • Petty Officer Robin Li (transport technician)
  • Crewman Eliza Parket (yeoman)

Shuttle Complement

Type-8 Shuttlepod

  • The Angelou (NCC-1671/1)
  • The Williams (NCC-1671/2)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/3)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/4)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/5)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/6)

Class-F Shuttlecraft

  • The Murasaki (NCC-1671/7)
  • The Woolf (NCC-1671/8)

Command-type Shuttles

  • The Shakespeare (NCC-1671/9) [destroyed on Aaro] [repaired as of Stardate 2260.107]
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/10)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/11)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/12)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/13)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/14)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/15)
  • Unnamed (NCC-1671/16)


  • The Nightingale is an alumna of joint Starfleet-Daystrom Institute experiments in applying the information recovered with the Kelvin survivors from their ship’s Narada readings. As part of the experiment, select classes-in-development (such as the Constitution and Pyotr Velikiy) donated designs and a single vessel’s registry to the Institute — the result was the Shrelev II, a warship whose configuration echoed the Pyotr Velikiy that preceded it but departed from and expanded on its sturdiness, warp capability, internal systems, and more. Similar reinterpretation can be found in the Enterprise regarding its immediate Constitution-class family.
  • Formerly the Shrelev II, this vessel was decommissioned and immediately recommissioned in Stardate 2260, during a widely broadcast ceremony that reaffirmed Starfleet’s primary role as humanitarians and scientists. Rumors persist that this, combiend with assigning the Enterprise to a five-year voyage, was a blatant political maneuver to appease the Klingon and Romulan Empires. While no evidence exists to corroborate these claims, the mental image — two warships, built in response to weaponry from the far future, gutted for science and sent to the far reaches of the quadrant — is striking.
  • Nightingale’s warp core remains the original Pyotr Velikiy-class standard, despite the tug variant’s transition to the smaller, more efficient warp design of the Constitution-class. Starfleet Command felt that recommissioning the Nightingale as a humanitarian vessel while simultaneously improving its speed, operational range, and power output — destructive or otherwise — would be construed as disingenuous.
  • Similarly, while the Shrelev II carried a full complement of 54 Mark III photon torpedoes, the Nightingale has traded in these destructive warheads. In their place, she carries a robust suite of sensory probes, including:

Class-2 medium-range stellar telemetry/imaging probes
Class-3 short-range terrestrial/jovian planetary telemetry probes
Class-4 long-range terrestrial/jovian/stellar telemetry probes (w/ micro-probe burst)
Class-6 warning buoys
Class-7 reconnaissance/sensor network probes
Class-9 log buoys

  • The Nightingale’s dedication is taken from 20th century poet Sarah William’s “The Old Astronomer:” Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
  • Cargo pods retrofitted as Relief Modules; configured for long-term conveyance, residence, and support of personnel, and long-term conveyance and support of resources, goods, or equipment.

Module Length: 170.88m
Module Beam: 38.75m
Module Draft: 35.24m

USS Nightingale

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