Single class “O” planet in Pi Canis Novum system
GRAVITY: .7 G || LAND: 9%
ATMOSPHERE: Thin Breathable Mix [!]|| CLIMATE: temperate-warm [!]
BIOSPHERE: Human Immiscible [!] || POPULATION: 457,200,000 [!]
PLANETARY INDEX: 6-598333 [!]
Normal metals: 39%; special minerals: 56%;
Radioactive: 58%; gem stones: 48%;
Industrial crystals: 73%

[!] Advisory: Aaro has suffered a planetary cataclysm — check back frequently for up-to-date changes to this survey summary.


Sociopolitical Structure:
Level 6: Equivalent of a controlled monarchy. Strong leadership of a ritualized nature, combined with a set of checks and balances to insure the well-being and cooperation of the populace.

Level 5: Large-scale construction of tailored environments (heating/air conditioning and reshaping terrain). // No wide-spread computing technology or computer science, no wide-spread atomic science, nor anti-gravity science.

Physical Sciences:
Level 9: Warp drive: transporters; phaser/disruptor technology. // As advanced as any Federation world.

Level 8: Advanced catalyst chemistry. // No wide-spread transmutation of elements.

Life Sciences:
Level 3: Detailed anatomy: blood typing. // No mendelian genetics, no microbiology, no immunology nor bacteriology, no genetic structure research nor genetic augmentation, no organ transplants, no medical scanners.

Social Sciences:
Level 3: Development of social classes: symbolic economics. // No socioeconomic theory, no psychology nor psychoanalysis, no large-scale social planning, presence of ethnocentrism, no xenopsychology.

Level 3: Psi activity well documented in individuals, but not understood. // Psi activity not widely recognized, no basic theories or sciences, no psionic resources, no tools to measure or test psi activity.


LENSES: When looking at a culture through Lenses, consider the kind of songs, myths, literature, jokes, and traditions that would systemically equate these ideas with goodness, correctness, well-being, and virtue.

  • Collectivism: These aliens might be hive-like in their social structure, natural communists, or simply very closely attached to the customs and interests of their social group. Th e importance of the individual is thought to be minimal, and members will cheerfully and readily sacrifice themselves for the good of the group. To willfully refuse to accept the consensus of the whole is an unspeakable sin, and to be separated permanently from one’s social group is a fate worse than death.
  • Tradition: This species devoutly reveres the past and the ways of their ancestors. Social interactions are stiffly ritualized, and society is ornate with the customs, traditions, and habits of their forebears. Innovations of any kind are viewed with deep suspicion, and the most favored solutions to problems are those which have been employed before. Members of this species are intensely uncomfortable when forced to exercise their own judgment, and doing so in contravention to the past is almost impossible for them. Only when faced with a completely novel situation is any degree of personal initiative likely to be shown, and even in that case, the alien will try to reconcile it to some existing tradition.

CITIES & ARCHITECTURE: Every planet and culture is unique and looks unique — with prevailing styles influencing the entire civilized world around them

  • Twisted Towers
  • Triangular Bases
  • Statues inset in Walls
  • Pyramidal supporting Piers
  • Keyhole Arches
  • Open Plazas


  • Belief in a collection of Powers from whom good flows
  • Belief in an individual Power from whom evil flows
  • Belief in Prophets, each in communion with a Chorus of their forebears and descendants
  • Belief in personal visitations by the Powers, and revelations
  • Belief in an eventual judgment
  • Organized, and governed by, a religious council


The Aaro are governed by an Executive Minister, chosen via ritualized mantle-passing within a body of Ascended Ministers. In turn, the Ascended Ministers are representatives, chosen in a traditionalized/ritualistic manner, from their constituents. The Executive Minister’s powers are balanced by the factions these Ascended Ministers represent, and their ability to organize unilaterally and stonewall the Executive Minister’s agendas. Two such factions are the Ulusu — a historic body of veterans, the military, and urban-dwelling financiers — and the Yara — fresh-blood upholding the interests of the small, but vital, rural agriculture bodies.

Recently, during the Sprite-314 disaster, the Ulusu faction pushed forward a rite to defrock the current Executive Minister and seize control of the government.



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