USS Copernicus

Kepler-class specifications*


Registration: NCC-1562
Designation: USS Copernicus
Role: Heavy frigate; gunboat
Standard displacement: 325,504 mt

Overall Length: 315.12m||1° Hull: 135.50||2°/3° Hull: 91.09||Nacelles: 179.62
Overall Beam: 134.28m||1° Hull: 134.28||2°/3° Hull: 24.80||Nacelles: 32.58
Overall Draft: 31.07m||1° Hull: 22.38||2°/3° Hull: 13.78||Nacelles: 27.38
Crew Complement: 160||Officers: 26||Crew: 134
Weapons: 5 Type VI phaser emitters (1 × 5 mounts)||1 Type VII phaser cannon (fixed mount)||2 torpedo tubes (Mark IV photon torpedoes x 32)
Embarked craft: 3 micro personnel shuttlecraft, 1 mini personnel shuttlecraft
Transporters: 2 standard personnel transporters
Warp drive: SSWR-XV linear M/AM reactor with 2 Eclipse nacelles
Velocity: wf 6.2, cruise; wf 8.8, supercruise; wf 9.1, maximum

Subspace efficiency: 310%
Propulsion efficiency: 4,150%
Amount of deuterium: 1,000 M3, 197 MT
LY range: 69.4 LY
Months of deuterium: 3.9 months
Warp reactor size/type: 335 M3, SSWR-XV, M/AM linear dilithium controlled
AM bottles: 9||6 for warp reactor||3 for photon torpedoes
Escape pods: 23
Container cargo: 160
Bulk/bin cargo: 1,200 M3 bin
Months of container/bin cargo: 35.0 months
Number/type of missiles: 28 photon torpedoes

Units Commissioned: 100

*Original configuration

Personnel Files

Senior Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CPT. Innocence Bullock
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. CMDR. Antoine Reynolds
  • Chief of Engineering: CPT. Kekoa Kinimaka
  • Chief of Security: LT. Jelica Savidge
  • Chief Medical Officer: DOCTOR Shaelyn Matsuoka
  • Chief Helm Officer: Lt. JG Liss glasch Vesh
  • Chief Navigator: LT. Deeann Wolff
  • Chief Communications Officer: EN. Marijn Mac Cléirich

Command Staff

Science Staff

Medical Staff

Operations Staff

USS Copernicus

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