USS Jean Astruc

Pyotr Velikiy-class Specifications*


Registration: NCC-1679
Designation: USS Jean Astruc (formerly USS Friedrich Barbarossa)
Role: Crisis response; mobile hospital
Standard displacement: 296,000 mt

Overall Length: 250.29m||1° Hull: 152.16||2° Hull: 88.44||Nacelles: 155.50
Overall Beam: 169.08m||1° Hull: 122.99||2° Hull: 34.73||Nacelles: 17.58
Overall Draft: 36.54m||1° Hull: 35.65||2° Hull: 23.83||Nacelles:17.38

Crew complement: 320||Officers: 40||Crew: 280
Weapons: 12 Type VI phaser emitters (2 × 6 mounts)
Embarked craft: 6 micro personnel shuttlecraft, 2 mini personnel shuttlecraft
Transporters: 4 standard personnel transporters
Warp drive: 335 M3, SSWR-XV, M/AM linear dilithium controlled reactor with 2 Sabre nacelles
Velocity: wf 5.9, cruise; wf 8.2, supercruise; wf 8.5, maximum

Subspace efficiency: 235%, without external cargo pods
Propulsion efficiency: 4,130%
Amount of deuterium: 9,350 M3, 1,839 MT
LY range: 159.9 LY, without external cargo pods
Months of deuterium: 8.9 months, without external cargo pods
AM bottles: 20
Escape pods: 36
Container cargo: 1,601
Bulk/bin cargo: 3,400 M3 bin
Months of container/bin cargo: 131 months
Units commissioned: 20

*Original configuration


  • Transport containers retrofitted as Relief Modules; configured for long-term conveyance, residence, and support of personnel, and long-term conveyance and support of resources, goods, or equipment.

Module Length: 170.88m
Module Beam: 38.75m
Module Draft: 35.24m

USS Jean Astruc

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