USS Ulysses

Saladin-class Specifications*


Registration: NCC-544
Designation: USS Ulysses
Role: Patrol boat; border security
Standard displacement: 96,000 mt

Overall Length: 242.5m||1° Hull: 127.10||2° Hull: na||Nacelles: 155.50
Overall Beam: 127.10m||1° Hull: 127.10||2° Hull: na||Nacelles: 17.58
Overall Draft: 60m||1° Hull: 32.38||2° Hull: na||Nacelles: 17.38

Crew complement: 200||20 officers||180 crew
Weapons: 6 Type VI phaser turrets (2 × 3 mounts)||2 torpedo tubes (Mark III photon torpedoes x 30)
Embarked craft: 2 transatmospheric sublight shuttlecraft, 1 micro personnel shuttlecraft
Transporters: 1 standard personnel transporter
Warp drive: SSWR-XV linear M/AM reactor with 1 Sabre nacelle
Velocity: wf 6.0, cruise; wf 7.7, supercruise; wf 8.0, maximum

Subspace efficiency: 290%
Propulsion efficiency: 912%
Amount of deuterium: 1,015 M3||165 MT
LY range: 83.1 LY
Months of deuterium: 5.1 months
AM bottles: 5||3 for warp reactor||2 for torpedoes
Escape pods: 27
Container cargo: 54
Months of container/bin cargo: 5.7 months

Units commissioned: 50

*Stardate 2260 refit configuration

Personnel Files

Senior Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CPT. Carmella al-Hubari
  • Chief of Security: Lt. CMDR. Szymon O’Hannegan
  • Chief of Engineering:
  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. Emerico al-Hubari
  • Chief Medical Officer:
  • Chief Helm Officer:
  • Chief Navigator:
  • Chief Communications Officer: Lt. Niven F. Baldinotti


USS Ulysses

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